Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage                             £37.00
Swedish Full Body Massage                                      £35.00
Back ,Neck and Shoulder Massage                           £20.00
Full Body Exfoliation Inc. moisture                            £22.00

Hot Stone Massage 

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient massage therapy that incorporates the use of hot basalt stones to promote deeper muscle relaxation. The therapeutic heat from the stones helps to detox the body and relax the nervous system. Cool marble stones are incorporated to reduce inflammation creating a rejuvenating and balanced treatment. It is an exceptionally relaxing  treatment used to create balance within the  body.
Full Body Massage                                                   £65.00
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage                          £35.00                       
Leg and Foot Massage                                             £25.00

Non Surgical Collagen Face Lift

Using pure collagen, it  offers facial contour lifting by re-programming the muscle fibre there by sagging muscle of the jaw, neck and face reducing and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.
Collagen Face Lift                                            £37.00
Course of 12(2 free)                                        £370.00
Eye Lift                                                            £23.00
Course of 6 (1 free)                                         £115.00

Diamond Dermabrasion

Diamond  Dermabrasion uses a wand tipped with hundreds of tiny diamonds to achieve amazing results in the removal of dead skin cells, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation marks ,acne scarring, stretch marks and open pores. Thus improving the skins texture, in a more youthful looking appearance.
Diamond  Face Treatment                                    £35.00
Luxury Face treatment (inc. mask)                       £50.00
Full Body Treatment                                             £85.00
Motcha-Green Tea Facial     Repair hydrate and moisture for all skin types and (ages Range 15-75)                      £40.00
Silhouette Lightening Facial                                £50.00
A prescription lightening facial good for pigmented dark or uneven skin, active lightening ampules, soothing light creams.