The PureHydro 8 in 1 facial device can be used on all skin types and has the added benefit of no downtime.

This SuperFacial provides a complete bespoke approach to tackle an array of skin concerns.

Pure Peel -Aqua Feel
Complete Cleansing using vacuum suction and tailoring the treatment with individual solution: oily/Anti-Bacterial- Pigmentation/Brightening or Anti-Aging 
This treatment is particularly good for removing blackheads/dead skin/debris etc leaving the skin smooth, hydrated and gloving.

Pure Lift /Radio Frequency 
Skin Tightening-increasing the skin temperature within the dermal layers to 40/41 degrees to produce new collagen.

Pure Glo/Oxygenation/Exfoliation
Creating the 'Bohr Effect'-A chemical reaction occurs (sodium bicarbonate and citric acid) when the capsule and serum are combined together, allowing oxygen to flow through, increasing red blood cells. Active ingredients and infused directly into the skin.

Pure Firm/Radio Frequency (Hand Piece two prongs)
Very effective, due to the hand piece shape, working around the delicate eye area to tighten and help with lymphatic drainage and also around the jowl area to tighten the skin.

Pure Infusion/Ultrasound
Creates between 100-300 million vibrations on the skin stimulating the blood supply, allowing product to be infused into the skin by breaking though the skins barrier.

Pure Oxy Spray
Hydration, skin renewal  and anti-bacterial as well as helping with toning and firming the skin.

Fire and Ice 
Raises the temperature up to 45 degrees to open the pores at the beginning of the treatment, then using the ice element at 0 degrees to close the pores (at the end of the treatment). Ice is generally good for inflammation, taking any heat out of the skin.

Quantum Advanced Light Therapy
With the 7 different wavelengths Quantum can treat a variety of skin conditions including acne, regulating natural oil production, stimulating collagen and elastin, minimising redness, wrinkles, reduces dark spots and uneven skin tone.

PureHydro Aqua Deep Cleansing Feel Facial                                 £130
PureHydro Infusion Facial                                                                £100
PureHydro  Lift Facial                                                                       £100
PureHydro Express Anti Ageing Facial                                           £55
PureHydro Express Clear Facial                                                      £65